Financial Media Seminar
Financial Media Seminar
Hong Kong
August 2019

J. Rotbart & Co. hosted top financial media reporters to discuss the record high purchases of gold (since data is collected was collected at 1971) by central banks, China’s gold market and the reasons behind the country’s massive gold purchases – from de-dollarization and reduce dependancy on US debt to financial security and the ongoing trade war with the US.

Asian Wealth management Forum 2019
Asian Wealth management Forum 2019
May 2019

J. Rotbart & Co. co-sponsored the Asian Wealth Management Forum, we took part in a very interesting Q&A session and answered tough questions about gold’s relevance in today’s world, who is buying gold these days and why? Aren’t ETFs good enough? Are cryptocurrencies taking investor’s attention as the new “digital” gold and the Do’s and Don’ts of buying physical precious metals.
Photo: Josh

Philippines Wealth Management Forum 2019
Manila, Philippines
May 2019

As the pioneering precious metals firm in the Philippines, J. Rotbart & Co.’s team participated and were part of the keynote speakers at the Manila Wealth Management Forum. We spoke about the many important reasons one should hold gold as part of a wealth protection strategy, the reasons gold is especially attractive to Filipino investors and showcased real gold bars to the attendees.

Buy gold in Hong Kong is losing its shine amid political unrest
Launch of the Manila, Philippines office
April 2019

As J. Rotbart & Co. continue to grow worldwide, we are excited to announce the opening of our Manila office to accommodate our Filipino clients precious metals services and to provide them with secured transportation, global precious metals storage and a variety of bullion products.

Make Gold great Again
J. Rotbart & Co. 3-Year Anniversary
Hong Kong
March 2019

Delightful and honored, we celebrated our 3-year anniversary. So far, we helped hundreds of clients secure their wealth by purchasing physical precious metals. The event was an opportunity to thank our friends, colleagues and business partners for their kind support

Gold Breifing Hong Kong
BDO Private Bank Financial Forum
February 2019

It was our great pleasure to participate in BDO Private Bank biannual Philippines Financial Forum and to talk about the importance of holding physical gold and other precious metals as part as clients’ investment portfolio

Hong Kong Independent Wealth Management Forum, October 2018 1
Independent Wealth Management Forum
Hong Kong
October 2018

We were delighted to co-sponsor the Independent Wealth Management Forum and share our insights on the role of gold and other precious metals in today’s world.

J. Rotbart - BDO partnership official launch event
J. Rotbart – BDO partnership official launch event
October 2018

We launched our partnership with BDO Private Bank, the Philippines biggest and one of the most reputable private banks, BDO PB’s clients now have access to the eternal asset of gold and other precious metals. We enjoyed a wonderful Mid-Autumn Festival dinner with the bank representatives and clients.

Indonesian Wealth Management Forum, October 2018
Indonesian Wealth Management Forum
October 2018

We had the pleasure of co-sponsoring the 2018 Forum in Indonesia, a growing power in the world’s economy. We enjoyed discussing the challenges and opportunities in the local and global investment markets, especially focusing on the precious metals market.

Bloomberg panel 2018
Bloomberg panel
Hong Kong
August 2018

Hosted by Bloomberg, we were invited to share our opinion on the trends in cryptocurrency market and participated in a panel discussing whether cryptocurrencies are the “new” gold. We debated believing that investment in gold and other precious metals offers unparalleled safety and wealth protection tool compared with investing in cryptocurrencies.

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