Purchase of Precious Metals, Bullion Exchange, Authentication and Consultation Services

J. Rotbart & Co’s unique position as precious metals experts enables us to offer bespoke services unavailable elsewhere. One such service is exchanging old bullion for newly minted bars.

When you’re looking to the Purchase of Precious Metals or the exchange physical gold, silver, platinum, or palladium, you can trust J. Rotbart & Co.’s global network to assay, transport, and process your existing bullion.

We facilitate the assaying of your existing bullion, offer you a fair market price, and replace it with newly minted bars, coins or ingots sourced from members and associates of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and the London Platinum and palladium market (LPPM).

You can then take delivery of your bullion, or store your goods in one of the global networks of vaults operated by our logistics and storage partner:

  • Asia – Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Oceania – New Zealand, Sydney
  • Europe – Geneva, London, Zurich
  • North America – Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Toronto

If you wish, J. Rotbart & Co. can also buy your precious metals, subject to an assaying report produced by a reputable refinery. We will wire the proceeds from the sale directly to your bank account.

Bespoke services as well as the purchase of precious metals

Another bespoke service we provide to our clients is the authentication – proving that your precious metals are genuine and valid by a third party, inventory consolidation – creating a detailed, itemized list or report of the bullion you possess and classification of existing stocks of precious metals, bars, and coins. We can even connect you to our referral partners for the actual valuation of your collectibles and, as necessary, assist you in liquidating your precious holdings.

We can handle all your precious metals needs.


  • Enjoy convenient, safe and discrete transactions – We provide a one-stop solution with all aspects of the transaction handled by us.
  • Profit from a tax and duty free environment – All the vaults we use are located in tax-free zones or bonded warehouses.
  • Enjoy transparent and easy to understand costing – We only charge a one-time commission based on the market price of your existing precious metal bullion.
  • Benefit from our experienced partners – All transport and shipping is handled exclusively by a world-class logistics company.

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Purchase of Precious Metals

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